The skincare brand for newborn you need to try: introducing OnlyBio Baby & Kids

best green skincare brand for newborn and babies

I’m back to talk about the best skincare brand for babies, but with a more personal experience!

To talk about the amazing brand I discovered and tested for baby care, we need to take a step back to June 2020. 2 years ago we were a little discouraged by the pandemic situation and we experienced a dramatic period in the beauty industry after the Cosmoprof 2020 edition was deleted.

Luckily, Bologna fiere decided to let the industry work in a different way thanks to the platform WeCosmoprof and in those days I had the chance to meet OnlyBio virtually.When I talked with the brand for the first time I was pregnant but I didn’t know yet, even if in the previous years I started to experience some baby brands with my nephew. Now, 2 years later we’re scheduling our work on Cosmoprof Bologna 2022 and, before starting to talk about the newest cosmetics solution you’ll find there, I must talk about how marvelous my experience with these products has been.

As I said in 2020 I was pregnant so I had the chance to test every single item of the collection starting from my little girl’s first bath. I tried a lot of nursery cosmetics but the one I loved the most are properly the one I received from OnlyBio in 2020.

best skincare baby care brand made in poland newborn cleansing milk and bubble bath and lotion

The collection is made of bubble bath, shampoo for babies, body milk and lotions, body wash in foam and gel.

The special formulation, with Prebiotics Baby Complex and 99% natural origin ingredients, is based on natural oils capable of restoring skin comfort, providing intense hydration and soothing irritation. The prebiotic complex nourishes the extra sensitive skin of babies as well, even from the first day of life.

The fragrances inside the OnlyBio Baby & Kids are fresh and gentle, different from the traditional baby cosmetics, and it screams natural ingredients from the first smell, without any chemical blend. The first products I tried was the winner of Cosmoprof Trend in 2020: the Hypoallergenic Body milk for kids, the Hypoallergenic Bubble Bath for babies and the Body wash gel for babies and, now that my daughter is one, I can say that she never has irritation or other spot of allergies thanks to these gentle formulations.

shampoo and conditioner for baby, newborn, kids and toddler, natural product, vegan, hypoallergenic

Meanwhile I used OnlyBio with Alessia I let my nephew to try Body Wash Foam and all the other items suggested for babies over 3 years and the experience was great, especially because he has a very sensitive skin, even more than my younger daughter and I think this is the greatest feedback ever! I hope that after the next Cosmoprof Edition OnlyBio will find a distributor for Italy and other European countries, because I strongly believe that this brand made in Poland will be perfect for both pharmacies, drugstore and nursery department stores! If you want to know more about the brand don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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