One of the first elements analyzed establishing a new business is the amount of competitors in the market. A concept well-known in Cantoni Trading s.r.l. which, in the 90s, was the one and only company producing high-end professional make-up stations. In 1995 the italian brand developed the first make-up cases with lights and the dual height make-up chair: the first one was a large aluminum suitcase with legs, lighted mirror and organizing sections for cosmetics, brushes and tools. With this portable make-up station any professional had the chance to create a beauty corner everywhere! Thanks to the high standard quality and the strength of a product that can last for decades, in more than 25 years the range becomes larger every year. In 2015 the company launched a sister brand "Linea Unica" that is now also leading the interior design industry. Not by chance, the patented lighting system is capable of giving a dimmable natural light, the best for beauty and hair products application.


Every brand born in the nineties had to face the first digitalization approach and Cantoni step-by-step started to build a web reputation at the time where there was almost zero competition. Great! But the internet quiet didn’t last for so long and, when ebay, Amazon and the low cost chinese manufacturer landed the market, the search results started to change!

Nothing irreparable with a good SEO strategy, and here I came!

In 2015 Cantoni asked me to write contents for their product because my blog authority and expertise was on their target, and it was a thrilling challenge for me in a period when I was working with models and clients as a freelance make-up artist on-the-go.


My first SEO contents increased exponentially link building, awareness and reputation among professionals and the brand required me to create a long-term approach digital strategy to be sure that topics remain in the top results. I started to create every day more detailed organic SEO contents underlining every single information of the products usage, application, solutions and target in order to contrast the huge amount of low prices make-up stations and lighted mirrors retailers in the market. Because once you show the advantages and high-end manufacturing to potential customers, the chances are that they will be more focused on the value for money, online as wel. And that’s the reason why Cantoni will last as the best make-up stations and lighted mirrors producer.


After almost 10 years since the brand started to follow a smart SEO plan, wherever you are typing and whichever solution you’ll look for, you always find Cantoni products, thanks also to the multilingual editorial plan that includes italian, english, french and german. And what is better, in 2023, than not having the need to invest money on media buying thanks to your organic results placed on Google serp podium for any related query?


If you have doubts just try to make some search on Google with query like “portable makeup station”, “lighted mirror for beauty studio” or “makeup chair”!

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