Skincare trends and valuable beauty brands at Cosmoprof 2023


If you’re looking for new skincare brands for your retail channel, your beauty shop online or do you want to be the first to import and distribute innovative cosmetics in your country, let’s navigate with me among the best products I found in Cosmoprof Bologna 2023.

There are a lot of skincare trends around the world with different skincare routine concepts, but the fil rouge is made of sustainability, performances, active ingredients and great packaging!

The most innovative brands in skincare industry awarded at Cosmoprof Awards 2023

Cosmoprof celebrates the skincare innovation developed by the korean TRU HYAL 100, twice: for the Advanced Night Repair Capsule and the Inner Beauty Stick & Mist

Cosmoprof this year celebrates the skincare innovation developed by the korean TRU HYAL 100, twice: for the Advanced Night Repair Capsule, capable of improving skin in just one usage, and the Inner Beauty Stick & Mist, that leaves a mark in the women intimate care industry with a freeze-dried solution suitable for menopause and sportswomen.


For the Green and Organic section, the prize gone to NUNAÏA BEAUTY and the Grown and Glow Skin Ritual. This set is made of a pack 100% compostable and biodegradable at home in 45 days, with a formulation created with a mix of sacha inchi, maracuja, and avocado sourced directly from its growers.

Cosmopack Awards 2023: winners in skin care formulations and zero waste packaging


The dream place for any cosmetics developer is of course the Cosmopack area that this year has seen the Italian Intercos triumphs with the Ice Massage Eye Essence. It’s a vegan stick of frozen water balm that can be applied directly on the skin to depuff the under-eye area with hydrating, soothing and protective actions. The application way it’s the key point of the Pink Frogs Cosmetics prize too: the PPS Planet & People Shampoo it’s a spray that relief the right amount of shampoo without waste, with a rich in antioxidants natural formulation that deeply cleanses and protects hair from pollution and UV.


But the most visually impactful prize was won by HANGZHOU EBEI INDUSTRIAL with the Angled Essence Dropper Bottle. Zero waste thanks to the special design that lets the curved dropper inside grabs the serum until the last drop. Simply incredible!

Green and natural skincare brands for baby and kids

Walking around the exhibition there were uncountable skincare companies dedicated to baby care and NAIF is one of my favorites, as well as the most complete and safe for newborns and toddlers. I had the chance to try the entire skincare range, with great satisfaction, including the sun-care proposal, that now becomes larger with a mineral filter SPF range where you can find SPF 50+ sprays, sticks and creams with and without perfume!


Nacomi Group it’s always competing for the most sweet and aesthetic booth in Cosmoprof, now enlarging the offer with new several brands with different targets. There we met “Mom & Who”, the house dedicated to new mums, mums-to-be and newborn, with natural products respectful for the particular period. “Fluss” is made of an entire superfood concept in skincare, while “Trust my Sister” is focused on hair care with serums for all skin types, hair masks, styling products, etc..


Appeal, the minimal, essential and performant italian premium skincare brand


It’s proudly Made in Italy the newborn Appeal, the skincare brand developed with dermatologists to create multitasking and essential products based on active ingredients, such as AHA and soothing formulations to satisfy several skin issues.

The best face Essence made in Korea: Mixsoon


Minimalism is a watchwork for Mixsoon too, the k-beauty brand who used to develop face essences with the multi performance Centella Asiatica, useful in relieving irritated skin, improving circulation and stimulating collagen production, and Bean Seeds! This last one is known for its deep soothing and refreshing actions.

OMRO: men, your next skincare favorite!


The total black pack is an incredible attraction for men who look for performant grooming products, and the austrian brand OMRO seems to be perfect to satisfy man’s needs. Aloe vera, coconut oil and sunflower oil are the main ingredients for the OMRO must-have: the Skin Cream 3in1 is a multifunctional hydrating cream for face, body and hands, leaving on the skin an extra fresh sensation thanks to menthol, mint and eucalyptus!

Forget the bra and get your boobs in shape with Booby Tape!


A sky full of stars under the Booby Tape sky! Forget the traditional bra concept and embrace the solution loved and appreciated by celebrities worldwide, the tape band that shapes your boobs (whichever size are) based on the outfit you’re wearing. Something new in Cosmoprof that was warmly received as a solution easy to integrate in the skin care department for online, beauty stores, drug and department stores.

Glow Hub and the Insta-ready concept that attract your attention

Glow Hub is developed and designed entirely in the UK to satisfy the next generations’ needs! And starting from the pack we can definitely say that the brand goes straight to the point thanks to the hyper-instagrammable packaging! The collection includes products easy to use with active ingredients for the most simple skincare routines, suitable for teens, who approach the skincare for the first time, up to the most mature skins!

The sustainable and family-friendly concept behind Mums with Love


It’s from Denmark this sustainable new entry at Cosmoprof 2023: Mums with Love“mums” in Danish means “yummy” – offers a complete skin and body care suitable for the entire family with formulations developed to be gentle to children and adults both. An affordable choice for those who want to use a unique brand and product instead of buying dozens of bottles to achieve kids, women and men skin needs! Chapeau!

Disposable infused sponges made in Granada: from baby bath to face cleansing


If you used to read my blog you already know how much I loved Spongellé in the past years for their ultra glamorous infused body sponges. This year I discovered a similar product but with a different concept made of disposable sponges that can be perfect for several needs. Jalsosa is a Spanish manufacturer specialized in hygiene products and with their brands satisfies many targets and areas: Babybaño are disposable sponges with cleansing gel inside to wash kids and toddlers, perfect to carry on or to use in a medical environment, like a nursery; Begobaño, instead, is for adults and has sponges with aromatic soap infused, solution for after-workout, micellar sponges to remove makeup, body scrub sponges and even tools for pets!

If you are interested to find more about the fair, discover the best make-up products at Cosmoprof 2023!


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