Low-cost make-up with professional performance made in Poland: Kobo professional


One year ago I met an amazing brand during Cosmoprof exhibition and I was more than sure that I’d see this brand in my country as soon as I can image, but this not happened and I’m still asking my self how it’s possible.

I’m talking about Kobo Professional, a polish make-up brand that could have a big market worldwide, especially if we compare this collection to the most known Cosnova beauty brands like Essence and Catrice.

When I saw Kobo booth my “beauty nose” told me that I must to stop there, and indeed I spent more than one hour trying and swatching palette, lipsticks and all the amazing cosmetics I found there. But the revelation arrived once I come back at home, when I decided to bring some of the product I have at work, for professional usage. Yes because the performance of some products are totally comparable with a lot of professional/high-end make-up items.



Even if it has the same price range of Cosnova, Kobo offers also a default refillable palette system, including lovely brow powder paletteface  palette and, of course, eyeshadows palette too. Each one with a versatile package useful for both professional and consumer use, with the total range of color sold in single pot too.

KOBO foundation and eyeliner


A huge difference between Kobo and the most of drugstore brands is the shade range, because the polish beauty company has an extremely inclusive foundations and concealers colors list, making them perfect for people from Asia to South Africa!


And its professional concept is visible also in their gel eyeliner or in the powerful make-up fizer spray!


If you had chance to import  or distribute this make-up collection in your country it will be a success for sure!

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