The italian goodnight routine: baby bath products and new-moms skincare


The moment before going to bed should be a self-care ritual for everyone, especially for new-moms and babies: but how can we get a quick and useful skincare routine for mother who must to handle also the baby-routine?

You know that, once you become a mother, you don’t have the same time you had before dedicated to spread creams, masks and to do a good cleansing. The top priority becomes children, but it is equally true that, especially after childbirth, skin changes and may need even more attention because it could become very dry or more oily!

Manual for parents who haven’t fully understood yet how to manage their children’s sleep


You become a parent and if in some cases everything is very natural, in others it can be a little less, and the questions are many: can I pick him up every time he cries in the cradle? Can I put him in my bed? I can’t make him fall asleep, what should I do?


Many answers to these questions can be found in the italian series Libri in Tasca by EPC editore. I recommend “La notte si avvicina..” to new parents, and “Vinci la paura del parto con la hypnobirthing” to those who are still waiting for baby or those who fear childbirth so much that they have not yet started trying to have a baby. It can be of great help!


Bathing and skin care for the little ones: the best brands for baby hygiene from italian pharmacies


Of course, letting babies relax with a bath can also help in the next phase, that is to sleep, and in this case Euphidra products can be a valuable aid.  The Amido Mio line, in particular, is among those with the best value for money as well as being suitable for all sensitive skin. So we must not think of this line as an exclusive for the little ones. Mothers can also use it, without having to buy dozens of different products. In addition, all the references of the historic Italian brand are available are always in family sizes and will last for weeks even if all the family the same bottle.


From the classic rice starch bath powder (amido di riso in italian) for the first days, to the bath mousse with rice oil, you can find all Euphidra products in almost all pharmacies and parapharmacies in Italy.
Among the must-haves Euphidra there is Pasta Hoffman, a product that I have already bought many times for my nephew. It is composed of 46% zinc oxide and 48% olive oil, a real cure for irritated skin, this product was born many years ago for bedsores, which makes it an excellent product to have at home, not only for diaper redness, but for any irritation at any age!


But you will fall in love with Euphidra for many other products, such as baby cologne water, or gingival gel that gives immediate relief when your little one starts complaining about the first teeth!


A moisturizing booster for moms ‘skin and babies’ lips 


Face serums are definitely what can help keep the skin toned, and Euphidra offers several, to be chosen according to age. To drain the liquids accumulated during pregnancy you should try the Body Gel Drain, a valid aid if associated with a minimum of physical activity!


But in the meantime, had you thought that even your little baby could have chapped lipsIn this case Helan’s Linea Bimbi (Baby Line) has the answer, a rich collection of innovative products, that includes a Soothing Lip Balm for babies with chamomile flowers, sweet almond oil and shea butter


After such a short but intense routine you will fall into a sweet sleep with your little angels!

And what do you use for the bath?


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