How to survive to Cosmoprof Bologna 2019

How to survive to Cosmoprof Bologna 2019

How awesome can it be to turn around hundreds and hundreds booths discovering new products during a show focused exclusively on beauty world? It could be really amazing, or a tragedy without a good scheduling. To avoid the tragedy the keyword is just one: PLAN (everything).

In a complex show as Cosmoprof is, “improvise” is something to avoid on everything. From the flight reservations, if you comes from abroad, to the booths list, everything must to be scheduled days before! There are more than 2000 booths and 30 exhibition halls where is impossible to see each one individually . If we wanted to see, touch, smell and try every single thing we see on stands we would need more than 10 days for the show! But if you delete products and areas from the total list, as you know, well begun is half done!

As a tour operator builds an holiday schedule with the purpose to visit the more interesting points during the days available, even for Cosmoprof you must to do it!

If you have just 2 days to spend in Bologna, and not the entire exhibition period, take pens and papers, or a most useful Google sheet file, and start to exploring the exhibitor list one to one and take not of companies you like the most for your intent. In 2019 Cosmoprof has also a brand new website that helps a lot to have notes of what you want to see. Until the last year you must have paper or files, but with the new cosmoprof.com portal you may check the list and save your favourites directly on your personal area (you must to be logged in to enjoy this new feature!).


This year I’ll suggest you brands that I already know that you can’t miss, but is a so big show that each one could have different targets based on the reason that bring you to visit the show.

Pending the updated must-to-see list you can check the best of last year!

I suggest to girls (and boys too) to not wear heels, except if you are able to run from miles and miles without any pain, in all the other cases you need to be comfortable and dress in layers, like an onion, because in some halls temperature is very high, but in the outdoor hallway it could be really cold!

Exhibition Guide for make up artists, beauticians, nail artists and hair stylists

If you are a beautician, a make up artist, hair stylist or other professional figure who visit the show just to discover something new and buy products you cannot find somewhere else, I suggest, especially when you are there just for one day, to take notes of your favourite brands and companies, and don’t waste your time to walk through pavilions that don’t have nothing to offer to you. If you are an hairstylist you have to visit Professional Hair pavillions (25,31,32,33,35,37 – Moro entrance), or booths where are centered the resellers and wholesale, beauticians could find awesome tools and products in the Beauty and Spa areas (28, 29, 30 – North entrance) and the Nailworld (36 – Michelino entrance). And, last but non the list, if you want to buy take with you canvas shoppers or trolley to bring around everything without damage or other kind of misadventure.


Make up artists, instead, need to start from the brand they love the most, because make up brands are located in different areas, from the country pavilions (16, 19, 22, 26, 29a/b, 34) to Green and Organic (22a, 21) if you want to discover green cosmetics!


Warning: to visit Cosmoprime you must be an international buyer or a journalist 

Essentials for buyers, press agents, journalists and bloggers

For buyers the show is the most interesting but also the most devastating moment of the year, because there we can discover so many new products that is really hard to choice, but if you have “the nose” for this world, you’ll be able to recognize the next must have of the moment and be the first to bring the brand or the project in your country. Buyers and people who want to invest in the beauty world, even the smallest perfumery in a small country, can run the world if is the first to show a certain innovative cosmetic!

Cosmoprime (pav 14) is the most interesting area, because is an amazing window on new products and this year we could find a brand new selection with Emerging Prime, where are located the most innovative and young cosmetics company. Extraordinary Gallery is upgrated too, with The Green Selection, a spin-off focused on green-sophisticated brands, but eco-sustainability is the mood of this year for Cosmoprof Bologna, so we run again into Green Prime with exclusive high-end companies.

But if you’re looking for new products you must to visit also the rest of the exhibition, including Cosmopack with the best raw materials, private labels and packaging companies!


Time is up and meanwhile I build the “brand to not miss list” go on comsoprof.com and start to save brands you want to meet in March, 14-18, 2019!


Anna Marchese

Anna Marchese

CEO and founder annamarchese.it 

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