In 2008 I start to write for digital magazines about the latest hi-tech releases, because that year has also the beginning of my studies in Computer Science, so the topic was related to my this, but my other biggest passion was the cosmetic universe so I switched early to the beauty editorial staff of the same magazine.Meanwhile I attempt at University I became a make-up artist too, and I dedicated more time working around writing stuff and do make-up than to the lessons! But at the end I decided to graduated with a thesis on Search Engine Optimization, the only way I had to join my studies with my skills achieved by working.In 2015 the italian print magazine "Unghie&bellezza" asked my to join him with a column about make-up, beauty and lifestyle and at the same time I create annamarchese.it.Thanks this experiences now my e-magazine is capable to talk about products I tried but also to go in the deep of the beauty industry, a guaranteed reference for beauty lovers, professional make-up artists, beauty consultant and people interested in new beauty business. My highest satisfaction is properly this kind of "readers/followers", the one who write me by email just to ask my opinion about a makeup collection to retail in his country...

Now I'm 30 and I'm a digital manager too, cooperating with companies looking for a web reputation increment, contents, an influencer project to launch the latest creation or just a social marketing plan!


2008 2012 2016  2017 2018 2019 -> ?


Immediately after high school, in 2008, unconsciously starts my journey as web editor, writing for beauty and make-up section of pourfemme.it, meanwhile I begin my studies in Computer Science at the Federico II in Naples (Italy).


In January 2012 I become a beauty editor for Beautydea.it, as anyone knows in Italy and who opens to me to a lot of new opportunities. In the same month I worked for the first time as a Make-Up Artist for a video spot. I did't attempt any make-up courses and I launched my self with the obstinacy of a 22 years old girl full of  dreams, and I can say that I was very lucky because in the months next I run from a backstage to another and I finally take a class at the Make Up For Ever Academy slakening the University's book!


In 2015 I made my first step to the press with a column for the italian beauty magazine Unghie&bellezza, and I'm still on it with studies on beauty industry, interviews, news from the exhibitions and beauty editorial look. Meanwhile I create my blog as a follow-up of the content I had on the press. At the moment of thinking about my graduation I decided to have a thesis on Search Engine Optimization, that was the only possible way to study something related to my beauty editor work, and I increased my SEO skills to work in a more professional way!



I worked a lot as make-up artist, for fashion campaign, music videos and for wedding and I creare a series of blog post dedicate to make-up artist: from the best products to the emphatic side of the career, and I interviewed the most influent italian personalities of the beauty industry.


10 years of make-up, writing and digital are gone away in a second, in a world where everyday has a revolution who takes you to evolve to different way to communicate. To extend my ray of action I decided to share all my experiences with companies who wants to have a place in this digital planet, through planned contents, marketing strategies, Digital PR, storytelling and more!

2019 -> ?

The 2019 was a turning point which means a restyling of my website capable to enjoy contents in a more comfortable way. Thanks to the new annamarchese.it I can give the right visibility to everything I need, as review, articles on press, activities to promote a brand or other fun stuff. With a new graphic impact the website become international with english contents to involve readers and brands from all over the world. Thanks this level-up companies may use a resource for highlight them abroad, without any language or cultural barrier!


Cosmetic products knowledge 
Makeup technique (non si smette mai di imparare)
Authentic review
Tested products
Pro-oriented contents
Content Marketing
Social Media & Marketing strategy 
Design & coding [Suite Adobe, HTML]
Digital PR
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