CosmoTrend Report: the best cosmetic producs from Cosmoprof 2020


Last year we loved to see all the CosmoTrend products in a dedicated area of Bologna Fiere but this year this report is more essential than the past.

[Read the italian version on Beauty Generation]

Due to the Covid-19 the special trends selected by Beautystream are the only way to have an overview of what this digital edition can offer to the industry and could help buyers, distributors and professional figures to find the best product to start a new business, especially thinking about sustainability.

For 2020 there are 5 categories:

cosmotrend 2020 which are the best best beauty products of the year for Cosmoprof

Repurpose Me: products with packaging create from recycled materials
Beauty Salad: the best beauty recipes base on superfood and plant-based ingredients for skin and hair
Seriously Safe: clean beauty and innovative formulations without toxic parts for fragrances and nails too
Science of Symbiosis: cosmetics capable of protect the skin from pollution and preserve the microbiome
Green sun: sunscreen protection who respects skin and environment

REPURPOSE ME: cosmetics oceans-savers


GOSH Copenhagen (Denmark) Chameleon Primer: the pack of this primer is composed by 40% of plastic rescued from oceans
Libo Cosmetics (China) Rice Bran Lipstick: lipstick with rice brain based packaging
The Somerset Toiletry Company (UK) naturally European Plum Violet Shower Gel: the bottle of this shower gel even if it will end on the bottom of an ocean it will decompose itself leaving only natural components, not microplastics!

BEAUTY SALAD: skincare with superfood, organic and edible ingredients


Nourish London (UK) Kale 3D Cleanse
Biok Laboratorja (Lithuania) Kili-g COSMOS Certified Natural Face, Eyes & Neck Mousse con Spirulina
- N&B – Natural is Better (Italy) BEAUTYFOOD Skin Energy Booster Face and Body
Bmonument Co – d’Alba Cosmetics (Corea) – White Truffle First Spray Serum

SERIOUSLY SAFE: the masterpieces of clean beauty for 2020


IL Cosmetics (Luxembourg) Vegetable Nail Polish
Bjorn Axen (Sweden) Curl Creator Cream
- Hair O’right (Taiwan) Toothpaste No. Zero
Madara (Latvia)
OnlyBio life (Poland) Body Milk with Atopic Dermatitis
Laboratorios Natuaromatic (Spain) Delisea Parfum

SCIENCE OF SYMBIOSIS: the future of skincare to take care of skin health


Driu Beauty (Lithuania) Scalp Exfoliant
Sarantis Group (Greek) Bioten Skin Moisture Face Care Line
- Funderm (Israel) Lavi Davi
Anna is Clear (Netherlands) 24/7 Serum for Blemished Skin

Green Sun: the most innovative mineral based and sustainable sunscreen


Sol de Ibiza (Spain) Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF30
- Helan Cosmesi di Laboratorio (Italy) Vogliadisole Four Respect Suntan Milk Spray SPF50+
Le Pure (Spain) Perfecting Illuminating Natural Glow Moisturizing Foundation

If you are interested in knowing more about a single brand of the CosmoTrend leave a comment below! Which one do you like the most?