Cosmetics made in France

Best of essential and sustainable Made in France beauty brands
The country of fragrances comes again to spread her best performances with Business France support at Cosmoprof Bologna 2023. Every year I have the chance to try the most innovative and representative French brands before the beginning of the exhibition and I find marvelous products at any edition! A 360° beauty offer which includes several target prices and needs, giving to distributors and buyers an overview of what they can introduce in their business with the strength of the well-know French know-how! But let’s jump to the brands. Baubo and the most fun and functional intimate care  It’s not the[...]
Best green cosmetics made in France looking for distributors
Even if this year we haven’t had a chance to see the big amount of products we usually see during Cosmoprof, thanks to my collaboration with Business France I can show you the latest collection made in France. I received the “Mon Coffret beauté à la française”, a french beauty box with the newest product created around France and, beyond the ordinary skincare items, we have a lot of other categories like intimate care and teeth whitening set! Monoi Tiki Tahiti products with Monoi flowers oil There is a fragrance capable of bringing you immediately on the beach, I’m talking about[...]