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The life-changer foundation from K-beauty
1 minute of attention for 1 Foundation, the first one which in 2019 helps me to come back to use foundation on my face. My skin indeed has been hostile even to my favorite foundation ever, but now, thanks to this special 1, I’m reconciling with the category. It was the Cosmoprof Award 2018 winner for #makeup section and since 2020 it is finally retail in Italy too, but there are so many other countries waiting to have this brand too! The feeling on skin is like having nothing but a cream, but the skin tone is uniformed with just[...]
Best green cosmetics made in France looking for distributors
Even if this year we haven’t had a chance to see the big amount of products we usually see during Cosmoprof, thanks to my collaboration with Business France I can show you the latest collection made in France. I received the “Mon Coffret beauté à la française”, a french beauty box with the newest product created around France and, beyond the ordinary skincare items, we have a lot of other categories like intimate care and teeth whitening set! Monoi Tiki Tahiti products with Monoi flowers oil There is a fragrance capable of bringing you immediately on the beach, I’m talking about[...]
The italian goodnight routine: baby bath products and new-moms skincare
The moment before going to bed should be a self-care ritual for everyone, especially for new-moms and babies: but how can we get a quick and useful skincare routine for mother who must to handle also the baby-routine? You know that, once you become a mother, you don’t have the same time you had before dedicated to spread creams, masks and to do a good cleansing. The top priority becomes children, but it is equally true that, especially after childbirth, skin changes and may need even more attention because it could become very dry or more oily! Manual for parents who haven’t fully understood yet how to[...]
Low-cost make-up with professional performance made in Poland: Kobo professional
One year ago I met an amazing brand during Cosmoprof exhibition and I was more than sure that I’d see this brand in my country as soon as I can image, but this not happened and I’m still asking my self how it’s possible. I’m talking about Kobo Professional, a polish make-up brand that could have a big market worldwide, especially if we compare this collection to the most known Cosnova beauty brands like Essence and Catrice. When I saw Kobo booth my “beauty nose” told me that I must to stop there, and indeed I spent more than one hour[...]
La ricerca dello specchio perfetto per la mia postazione make up è terminata e adesso devo solo decidere in che modo organizzare il mio angolo trucco dello studio viste le infinite possibilità che ho! Chi mi segue da un po’ sa che con Cantoni c’è un rapporto di collaborazione che va avanti da anni, ciò non toglie però che, pur avendo provato gran parte delle loro attrezzature, non tutto fa al caso mio, dunque sono solita parlare esclusivamente di ciò che per me effettivamente è un must. Fatta questa doverosa premessa, qualcuno ricorderà quanto ho girato con la valigia con[...]
A Cosmoprof c’è sempre tantissimo da scoprire ma, oltre alle bellissima novità dalla Corea, Polonia e dai Country Pavillion, i prodotti skincare migliori non potevano che arrivare dall’Italia e dalla Francia, lì dove i profumi prendono vita! Beauty routine skincare made in Italy La detersione secondo BEONME: Cleansing gel scrub e mousse Ero curiosissima si scoprire il nuovo brand di cui si parlava tanto sul web e devo dire che i prodotti sono davvero intriganti. Dal momento che la detersione è uno dei punti focali della mia beauty routine, ho trovato questa combinazione davvero vincente. 2 nuovi prodotti: la BEONME Cleansing Mousse,[...]

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