Best of essential and sustainable Made in France beauty brands


The country of fragrances comes again to spread her best performances with Business France support at Cosmoprof Bologna 2023.

Every year I have the chance to try the most innovative and representative French brands before the beginning of the exhibition and I find marvelous products at any edition! A 360° beauty offer which includes several target prices and needs, giving to distributors and buyers an overview of what they can introduce in their business with the strength of the well-know French know-how! But let’s jump to the brands.

Baubo and the most fun and functional intimate care 


It’s not the first time that we see a brand dedicated to intimate care around the Business France pavilion, but Baubo raises the bar thanks to an incredibly funny and sustainable design, organic formulations and a lot of anti-taboo itemsBaubo with intimate after-sex moisturizer, anal balms and boobs creams want to knock over any taboo, encouraging people, women above all, to feel free to speak of everything about sex and intimate topics. Chapeau!

The rarest powerful ingredient behind Sand Rarity


A brand based on the research of the richest and rarest oil in the world: the Prickly pear seed oil. Sand Rarity is a skincare brand made of essential steps (face soap, serum and face cream) that takes advantage of these oil benefits to give extreme hydration to the skin, preventing wrinkles and free radicals, oily skin and hyperpigmentation for a brighter and healthier skin!

The vegan and sustainable sun care that you’re looking for


We know the impact that the sun has on the skin and we also know the impact that cosmetics can have on the ocean and Kerbi and its sun care range is respectful for both. From infusion and sun complements to SPF serum and creams for face and body, the french brand is a pillar for your next suncare routine offer!

“Less is better for” Minima[liste] skincare


More than a payoff for the couple-founder of Minimalist who want to create an essential skincare routine made of a simple ingredient list, without water and rich in active ingredients organically grown and 100% natural. Gommages, face oils, makeup removers, hair oil and mask and more to satisfy all skin needs.

Bio concept and sustainability for Endro Cosmetiques 


Endro is totally dedicated to protecting the environment with products for skin and personal care without plastic with reusable and zero-waste packaging. Solid shampoos, deodorants and tooth-pastes, scrubs, serums and face creams with natural origin ingredients to prevent and fight hair and skin issues.

Kool beauty and the 3-steps skincare routine


A basic but functional routine composed by face serums, creams and eye care products made of efficient active ingredients like Niacinamide, Zinc, Hyaluronic Acid, bio retinol, red algae, pomegranate and Oleanolic acid to mix every day based on the skin type. The intuitive pack lets you recognize the product which suits the best your skin, and on the brand website you can find a tool that can help you to develop the perfect skincare routine.

The Simon Mahler highly technological skincare range


A long research study which shines through the Simon Mahler pack and their skincare products created for a professional target. The brand proposes an exclusive protocol, effective on preventing and contrasting age signs, that can be offered as a professional salon treatment giving instant results on the skin thanks to the innovative technology.

The Provence manner according to Durance 


One of the most French representative brands I found this year is Durance, with its fragrances, such as the Sensuel Monoi, developed in body & hair dry oil, home fragrances, face and body products and gorgeous candles in different shapes and aesthetics. A must-have if you want to bring a piece of Provence in your store!

Kadalys skincare and the banana powers


To be innovative in cosmetics formulation isn’t an easy mission but Shirley Billot, the Kadalys founder, started from the Caribbean ancient tradition in banana usage to develop an incredible collection made of Bio-Activ Green, Jaune and Rose Banana. Three banana types rich in polyphenol, phytosterol and omega fatty acids that act like powerful antioxidants and contrasting oxidative stress, bleaching the skin from hyperpigmentations, soothing and smoothing spots, wrinkles and imperfections. How can you resist these banana effects?

Maitre Savonitto and Maison du Laurier: the solid soap tradition


If you tell me that you never tried french cosmetics I can never believe you, because I’m pretty sure that you smelled at least one from your grandma’s wardrobe! During the last decades the traditional solid soap reached thousands of new and modern usages but it remains the symbol of Provence. And as we know the maitre chocolatier, you should know that in Atelier du Savon you’ll meet real maitre savonnier: Maitre Savonitto, who started producing soaps, oils and fragrances 25 years ago. More specific is the mission of Maison du Laurier, which founded his business on Aleppo soap!

Christine Darvin and the Provence in a bottle


If you want to feel a light refreshing splash of a Provence flower garden on your skin, you need to try Christine Darvin and the uplifting effect of Eau de Cologne. A company founded in 1972 with a long-term experience in cologne handmade manufacture that perfectly represents the Provence deepest soul!

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