Best of Cosmoprof 2022: luxury skincare, sustainable baby products and italian make-up

Best of Cosmoprof 2022: luxury skincare, sustainable baby products and italian make-up

After 2 years we finally had a chance to breathe beauty again in Bologna. Cosmoprof 2022 was such an incredible edition of the exhibition and the beauty proposal was extra rich in new performant products, formulations and thrilling packaging. But let’s jump to see in detail the best beauty companies I met there!

Best makeup products with professional performances

Mia Cosmetics: products that I developed for the brand and other amazing skincare and makeup items

mia makeup cosmoprof best cosmetics products

2022 was such an incredible year for Mia Cosmetics, the brand that I manage as a creative director, and during this Cosmoprof edition, thanks to new makeup and skincare launches and 3 extra glam booths, makes an impression earning countless business partners, distributors and beauty lover from all over the world.


Stalky Shadows and Lipsticks collection were super appreciated with their professional performance and a smart pack for on-the-go application. The new Shape & Volume Brow Mascara were another milestone in the brow area with 8 different shades capable of matching any hair color and the extended skincare with a brand new face cleanser and makeup remover line was a success together with the luxury Blooming Serum collection.


Make-up on fleek with Natasha Moor, Y’Amour and ELROEL

Someone of you knows the gorgeous woman, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur who is Natasha Moor, who successfully presented her makeup collection made of powerful mascara, beautiful liquid lipsticks and a makeup range that is growing everyday and now available in many Sephoras around the world and that I hope to see soon in Europe as well!

best natasha moor products
The one of the most attractive in terms of packaging is Y’Amour, a makeup collection with a gorgeous minimal pale pink design that you can resist!

y'amour makeup and cosmetics

And speaking of packaging it’s impossible to not mention ELROEL again, a brand that I tested a lot in the past years and that it’s still on top winning some awards and celebrating them with a super glam installation during the exhibition!


Best skincare products at Cosmoprof 2022

Minimalist and luxury skincare made in Switzerland: Chiaro Zurich

chiaro zurich preciuos face cream review - best skincare brand cosmoprof

During the last months I used the one and only Chiaro Zurich Precious Facial Cream made of snow algae, alpine rose, niacinamide hyaluronic acid and Infragard, capable of protecting from blue-light radiation. It’s perfect for me that I spent my work time in front of my monitor, as under-makeup cream, extremely hydrating and suitable for all skin types, especially the one which needs deep hydration.
Chiaro’s skincare routine is made essentially of 4 steps: micellar water, cleansing milk, hydrating serum and the precious facial cream.

Best of baby products: NAIF baby care

naif baby care best product for baby care skincare

I was looking for the best formulations and ranges in newborn and baby care products and I found my safe port with NAIF baby care.
From pregnancy to sun care, the Dutch brand creates sustainable and natural formulation super gentle for the skin with a complete range with sunscreens, diaper creams, shampoos, lotions and references for every need, including funny bundles to gift!

Best of innovative consumer hair care products

During my visit I was attracted by the amazing We Are Paradoxx packaging, especially by the glam flask containing Hair Elixir and a lot of hair treatments for hair growth, to moisturize, increase volume and more.

we are paradoxx hair products - best of cosmoprof hair brand

Another funny brand dedicated to human hair and mane both is Jump Your Hair, a brand that I already met in 2019 and I still appreciate for its passionate values.

jump your hair review and best products

Deodorants which really works respecting your skin: Moss & Noor

best deodorant for hyperhidrosis - cosmoprof 2022

Rise up who is struggling for hyperhidrosis, that’s our product! I need to find something to suggest to my followers which have the same issue and I can strongly say that Moss & Noor made a solution with their antiperspirant After Workout Deodorant, a must-have to be “safe”!

Dariia Day’s silk worlds: pillow case and scrunchies

best silky pillowcase to protect hair

We know how useful it can be for our hair care to use silk pillowcase, and Dariia Day dedicated an entire brand creating silky tools: a flagship at Cosmoprof, seeing for the first time a brand like this! She offers high-end eye-masks, pillow cases, hair bands, sleepwear and a lot of other products made of this precious fabric.

The SPF solution that change your way to see skin protection: Seventy-One

best stick spf for adults and kids colored protection pink

I was in love with Seventy-One because of the “family-friendly” concept of every single product. Not by chance now that I’m a mum I appreciate when a brand offers a solution that can be suitable both for adults and toddlers at the same time. The product that I love the most is the Sunset Sun Stick, a 50+ SPF with an hot pink tone that is a must-have used as a protective blush and because, used on babies, you can see perfectly where it’s applied!

Best of made in france cosmetics

demain beauty best of made in france cosmetics

Who followed me from a very long time knows how I love the french skincare and as I used to do every year a resume of what the Business France collective offers, and 2022 was full of exciting new entries.
The Demain Beauty claim is clean, “organic and healthy” and its items are respectful of the microbiome with a lot of active ingredients for a super healthy skin with an essential skincare routine.

best provence brand at cosmoprof made in france soap company

Another particular discovery was La Savonnerie Fer A Cheval, an example of the Provence power, which declined the traditional Marseille soap in a skincare collection extremely efficient for skin and body.

best luxury fragrance for kids made in france

Dedicated to baby care is the amazing Lily Kiwi, a brand that I appreciate a lot and my daughter too! A super gentle fragrances and a cute packaging that encourage kids to wash with a lot of fun, especially thanks to the funny sticker inside the twin-label: genius! For parents who want the best for their children, there are 2 made in France fragrance jewels: Sophie La Giraffe and Jacadi Paris, both companies have a luxury formulation and appeal that let them be comparable with the most known Bulgari Petit et Maman. 

Abiby launches the skincare brand Systersyster-best-brand-skincare-suistainable-bio-cosmoprof

Among the huge amount of brand around the fair there are a lot of attractive solutions like Syster, the brand made in Abiby, the successful beauty box that now has a powerful skincare collection with different skincare routine for any skin type!



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