Best green cosmetics made in France looking for distributors


Even if this year we haven’t had a chance to see the big amount of products we usually see during Cosmoprof, thanks to my collaboration with Business France I can show you the latest collection made in France.

I received the “Mon Coffret beauté à la française”, a french beauty box with the newest product created around France and, beyond the ordinary skincare items, we have a lot of other categories like intimate care and teeth whitening set!

Monoi Tiki Tahiti products with Monoi flowers oil

Monoi Tiki Tahiti oil in jar for hair cosmetics made in france looking for retail and distributors

There is a fragrance capable of bringing you immediately on the beach, I’m talking about the Monoi flowers smell, the key ingredient used by Monoi Tiki Tahiti in the most of their products. In the photo you see the hair mask but the brand has an entire range dedicated to body, skin and hair care with natural ingredients, vegan with ECOCERT and COSMOS certifications.

Origine Professionnel and beauty rituals


A dry oil is a must-have in every body care routine, useful during summer after sun exposure and in winter to fight the dryness. Origine believe in beauty as a sensorial experience and you find this philosophy in products like dry oils, listed in different fragrance as such as Monoi and cotton flowers, mango and green tea, body lotions and balms, perfumes, face cream, exfoliators and everything you need to take care of yourself as a everyday ritual!

Phytema organic product for hair, face and body


The colorful scrub I show you below comes from Phytema collection, it’s a face and body peeling for sensitive skin. The red spheres, which are nothing but red jojoba particles, combined with blueberry, act for a mechanical exfoliation to let your skin shine! The french brand has also an extra rich line with a special focus on hair care with treatments for grey hair, hair loss and anti-yellow and a set of organic shampoo, conditioner and masks.

La Canopée and the new fruits acids face mask


We already know how cosmetics by La Canopée are a blessing for our skin but this new face mask is a step ahead of the others. The fruits acids face mask is based on cranberries and hibiscus and in just 10 minutes leaves a perfectly cleansed and purified skin. From the french family La Canopée you’ll have a skincare range 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free!

Woman Essential for the most intimate care


In 2020 when we talk about skin care we can’t think about face and body only and we should have attention to the most intimate part of our body, without taboo, especially in an era where popular beauty e-shop used to retail lipstick and dildo together! Woman Essential has an offer with oils and gel used to moisturize intimate parts, products for intimate hygiene, beauty and pleasure!

The Keeth teeth whitening kit!


Last but not the list, this year French companies don’t leave none body part giving the right attention to the teeth care, and not with a simple charcoal toothpaste but with a fruity set which includes a mini UV lamp too and all the stuff we need to made a teeth whitening session at home!

During WeCosmprof, the digital edition of the Bologna fair, June 4-10th, you’ll have chance to be in touch with all this companies and try to be the first to retail these brand in your country!

Which one you loved the most?